and other mental illnesses are problems of this days, nearly everyone felt that… alot of places are there to help – so if you feel mad – bad or sad, maybe you can make a test and find out if its still in a normal level or worst.

as usual I try to bring some german informations into the posts too – 😉 – here we go:

A magazine I love to read is Focus and I found some online information about or monthly topic –

And to end that without alot of words I picked a video what remember us not to suffer to much without help and always have an open eye – especially on our kids….


endangered animals….

a problem we all know about – but dont see everyday and quick forget about – so we need to remind us all of it – and try to help if we can!

Everybody is welcome says a webside I found – and I love that topic, open arms and I want to show you that:

click for webside

I could say alot more and write stuff you already now… but that dont really help all the beauty of nature here….

so let me just show you the top 10 list and make you think about it….

Our 10 Most Endangered Animals


Click links for more info and a short video on each species

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

A North American bird so endangered it may actually be extinct

Amur Leopard

The world’s rarest cat: Only 40 left in Russia’s Far East

Javan Rhinoceros

No more than 60 of these swamp-dwelling Asian rhinos exist

Greater Bamboo Lemur

Here’s the scarcest of Madagascar’s fast-dwindling lemur species

Northern Right Whale

Hunted to near extinction, 350 right whales still swim the Atlantic

Western Lowland Gorilla

Disease and illegal hunting are taking an alarming toll on this gentle giant of a primate

Leatherback Sea Turtle

The population of the world’s largest turtle is dropping at an alarming rate

Siberian (or Amur) Tiger

The world’s biggest cat weighs as much as 300 kilos (660 pounds)

Chinese Giant Salamander

Humans are eating the world’s largest amphibian into extinction

10 Kakapo Parrot

So few of these flightless parrots remain that the survivors all have names

Now please take your time reading the post and let me thank Marls for that great idea… I did remind you with posts of some animals before…. 😉 post panda  and post leopard and hope we all can do it from time to time!


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gut zu wissen und nicht zu vergessen

ist ein altes aber immernoch aktuelles Thema – AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) und es ist das diesmonatige Thema für Concerned Bloggers!! Für die deutschen Leser stelle ich natürlich auch links aus Deutschland zur Verfügung und freue mich aaarg drüber, dass ihr lest obwohl ich doch meist die anderen Sachen auf englisch zeige. Aber für die Mode ist die Sprache ja okay…. nur für solch wichtige Themen schreib ich dann doch lieber in beiden Sprachen.

AIDS soll nicht vergessen sein – und es ist erstaunlich wie unwissend unsere Jugend ist, das wo doch das Internet Informationen über alles und jeden bietet – und die Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe ein gut gemachte Webside hat…. Schaut sie euch an –

Okay and after we wrote for the german readers, I will not forget my english-readers and love to thank you here for all the support and that you are acitv reading and press the like button… what I like to tell you this month is an old theme – but still important!

AIDS was first time spotted in 1981, causing confusion and speculation. Medics in Europe and North America detected patients whose organism did not fight germs.They died of various infections, like pneumonia. Now we have 2012 and some and the youth did nearly forget this – most are bad to not informed and never did hear of that???!!

Please have a look at this webside to remember and maybe show that its still there –



This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by the Concerned Bloggers Association.
If you would like to become involved, please contact Marleen Vaughan for more information.