review policy & how I blog

♥ Review policy

  • I accept and appreciate review copies – please let me know details if needed (event, discount store, gift, landmark)
  • I mix up feedlinks and bloglinks on the lower right side, cause a good visited blog is important like a feed!
  • I love what I am doing here – I try to work on me and my photo-works all the time, the blog is in a permanent progress
  • I need time to edit photos and search combinations to make your work look beautiful,I try to publish items within one week (7 days) of receipt. Sometimes it may take a bit longer due to RL.
  • Thanks for the support, both readers and designer, without you this blog is not possible ♥

You are also invited to join my

Facebook Nanas – Cherries      FlickrNanas – Pictures  and/or contact me inworldNana Negulesco

♥ How I blog!?

I make a list from top to bottom, pretty easy, if I wear a hat its probably the first on the list and shoes will be the last!

I write ALL down I wear, I link ALL stuff I wear, I try to answer ALL questions. I sometimes forget stuff, cause I am just human, if you want to know about anything you see on me – please let me know!

I wear some basics, and I try to refer to them, but to make sure I didnt went over it:

  • lashes – !*MC* „Falsies“ Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD  or !Angel Rock Fluffy J-Curl lashes, sometimes Redgraves or the Maitraya Vip gift
  • hands & feet – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands / feet  flat, medium and high

all the rest should be sure blogged!

5 Gedanken zu “review policy & how I blog

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