№ 826 ~ monday morning ~

I love to meet my friends at monday mornings… even if I lag with blogging ;D

N E W ! ! ✿ hat – :FY: Oh Deer! Knit Hat [ThriftShop]

N E W ! ! ★ hair – Eaters Coma – HAIR 41

☯ eyes – Redgrave Eyes Bella -Human

N E W ! ! ☢ skin – DeeTaleZ Skin Hanna Mixedtype [AroundtheWorld]

N E W ! ! ღ scarf – _CandyDoll_ Cold Scarf Green [kustom9]

N E W !!☢ ring – ::LEONARD:: Winter Diamond Ring (part of a set)

N E W ! ! ☞ top – Marshmallows::Ellie Blouse Dress-Tweed [TDR]

N E W ! !☯ pants –  ***Arisaris AA5 Channel Leggins (part of the outfit)

N E W ! ! ★ shoes –_CandyDoll_ Baerina Flats [shoetopia]

N E W ! ! ღ  poses – SAAL – Female Winter I – Female Model Pose [Thrift Shop]

Lets the week begin and for all have problems with shoetopia-sims… be sure 100 others have the same problem!! ^^

Ein Gedanke zu “№ 826 ~ monday morning ~

  1. Want us to blog a review of an item? Please drop one or both of us a folder including a note card letting us know where they are from, any details about the item(s), and please include LM and/or Slurl. Thanks and please feel free to contact us in-world.

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