№ 820 ~ first snow ~

first snow sims around and the squirrel and me did looove it

N E W ! ! ☆  hair – ^;^CaTwA^;^ Selena

N E W ! !  ღ  skin – DeeTaleZ Skin Paige Nordic

N E W ! ! ✿ jacket – ::LEONARD:: Leather Studded Biker Jacket (10 colors!)

ღ scarf – *Redgrave* PaliScarf LQMesh

N E W ! ! ♬ top – *HolliPocket* Plain Jane Tank [TheBoobiesShow]

N E W! ! ♧ pants – *HolliPocket*  Bubble Yum Bum (phatazz applier) [TheAzzShow]

N E W ! ! ☞ my little friend – ::LEONARD:: My little Squirrel ❤ [Mesh]

N E W ! ! ★ shoes – .:: Bens Beauty ::.. Spikes Slip On (unisex)

wish you all a good winter-start!! get a friend and enjoy the cold together! ❤

Ein Gedanke zu “№ 820 ~ first snow ~

  1. The mesh could have been a turtleneck and it wouldn’t have mattered (unless you plan to re-use the original images and just edit), just as long as the extruded area were were the shirt overlays the pants. ANY area flush against the skin in ANY mesh can be changed. You can take away sleeves, add a v-neck, add straps, whatever you want to – as long as you pay attention to the extruded areas.

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