№ 699 ~ SLink update! ~

so many News! omg – Slink has hands for men and – a new update for our hands and the two versions of feet! So get your update now – for hands you have to use the redelievery terminal!! I searched for the update – but you just have to get the new version via redelievery and there are really enough in the store!

Important new stuff:

  1. SLink OmniHud v5 – a new system to change the skin of the hands!
  2. New hands are still changeable over applier for your skin!
  3. Tattoo-layer option is available for hands!

I hope that helps you get updated and some which didnt know at all – are informed now 😉

(ssssssssh shoes are new from CandyDoll & dress is SIS-item from Luas!) ^^ more soon

If you dont know what to do, as I at the start – watch that video from Sidean about the new system!

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