№ 639 ~ I aint complainin… ~

just saying…. I hate waiting. But sometimes I have to wait…. and hunt for a great pants!

♥  skin  –  [PF] Harley

★ hair – !lamb. Thieves Like Us

N E W ! ! ♥ tattoo  h i a t  u s

☞  Top – Overhigh – Valerie Shirt – Black

N E W ! ! ღ pants – *HolliPocket* Skinneh Crop Jeans-Zebra Grape -SHO Hunt

N E W ! ! ღ  shoes – _CandyDoll_ Oxygen II (different heel!)

Wanted to hunt and have fun at Jersey Shore?

The Jersey Shore is having another hunt, Summer Hang Over Hunt. The hunt will run from Aug 15th-31st, that’s a little over two weeks to find all the gifties on the sim.

-Hunt items will cost 10L (item value of at least 150L), one item hidden from each of the participating stores.

Summer Hangover Hunt @ Jersey Shore

Ein Gedanke zu “№ 639 ~ I aint complainin… ~

  1. Type: Sim or Store Hunt Region Rating: Moderate Stops: 16 Hunt Object: Red Apple (L$1 Hunt) Hunt Theme: The team at NEW YORK CITY and The Fashion Feed of SL (FFOSL) have teamed up with the AVENUE and zenshi to launch a 2 sim-wide hunt on September 1, 2013 at 12 a.m. SLT. Sixteen red apples containing exclusive items will be hidden throughout NEW YORK CITY and zenshi, priced at just L$1.

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