№ 517 ~ Holli pinks ~

!HollipocketCleavageFYredgravealvuloits so pink and I like it – everything with pink in it, is my friend!! Always open for pink stuff…. in every tone and combination!!

♥ skin – *League* Skin Aria  and  [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Arya ] – [ Pink Sunkissed ] (visit TDR for always new skins!)

N E W ! !  top – *HolliPocket* Tookie Lookie

 ♥ outfit – 1 Hundred. Hawt Top & Tiny Mini. Light Pink (found at Cleavage GoBusted Event) 

Please see this event is weekly – Thursday to Monday – visit it and always be surprised about the new stuff!

I missed to blog it earlier, cause of my computer crash… so sorry ladies!

N E W ! ! ♥ jeans – part of the :FY: Bri Complete Outfit

N E W ! ! ♥ shoes – Luas Urban Style – Lona Boots Pink and  !Redgrave Shoes HELENA


Ein Gedanke zu “№ 517 ~ Holli pinks ~

  1. The nude trend is the hardest for women of color because designers don’t think to design a “nude” for women with darker skin tones so think Tan and Brown. There’s a plethora of shoes out there that fit the bill just make sure you take the time to make sure the colors work with your skin tone.

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