№ 515 ~ warm nights ~

!WandredgrR3Luasalways open for a long party night and happy if I find home!! 😉 And more happy if I find something nice and new – this time I stumbled over „STARDUST“ a cute mesh clothes store with a very nice owner-lady! (girl in front /  in back)

♥ skins  – Mother Gooses’s /  YS&YS

N E W ! !★ hair – Truth /  Eaters Coma

♥ scarf  (front)- !RedgravePaliScarf LQMesh

★ Jacket (front) – STARDUST Autumn Feelings Jacket Burned Red

♥ Top (back)- [J’adore] Lil Hot Top Turquoise (found at last round of GoingBust)

♬ belt (front) – ~Pepper~ all-with-me belt

★ hotpants (front) – !Redgrave MESH Jeans-Hotpants 

N E W ! ! ♬ skirt (back) – [R3] – Emily Skirt [V3]

N E W !! ♥ tights/socks – LuasUrbanStyle Funny Tights Blackstripes /  Deetalez  nylonsocks

N E W ! ! ♬ shoes – Luas Urban Style – Lona Boots Brown /  GizzA – Mesh Sneakers [Metallic Aqua]

Hope you enjoy the new releases and the new shop I found – I love the urban style and see Stardust is at Marketplace too!

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