№ 488 ~ Forever Wild ~



Forever Young and Suicide Gurls brang some new stuff and you can be sure – you will feel like it looks like! HOT!

 ♥ skin –  DeeTaleZ Skin DELICIOUS Skin KAT (both)

 ♥ tongue/slip – ..:Perle ~ Its stuck ~ Panties & Tongue

N E W ! ! ♬ tattoo (left) – Suicide Gurls – Snake Tattoo

N E W ! ! ♬ dress (left) – Suicide Gurls – Boom Dress (Snake)

N E W !! ♥ shoes – Slink Destiny Heels Black (addon ) (both)

N E W ! ! ♬ tattoo (right) – Suicide Gurls – Medusa Tattoo

N E W!! ★ Top (right) – :FY: Goth Bandana Top

★ Jeans (right) – DeeTaleZ Pants MESH Skinny Jeans

What a nice sunday… wonderful night and enjoy your friendships! Kiss Nana

Ein Gedanke zu “№ 488 ~ Forever Wild ~

  1. On May 29, the suicide boom has spread all over Japan. Mitsuko (Saya Hagiwara) is on her way home when she gets hit by her boyfriend, Masa, who has thrown himself off a roof. Mitsuko is taken to the police station for questioning, where the police strip-search Mitsuko and discover that she has a butterfly tattoo.

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