№ 448 ~Kawaii Fair ~

!KawaiiFYLegginsVisit Kawaii Fair for that cute new stuff!

N E W !! ♥ skin right – *JeSyLiLO*:::GroupGiftSkin:::*AprilLie

N E W !! ♥ skin left – [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Aisha ] – [ Smoky sunkissed TDR ]

N E W !! ♥ hairbows – :FY: Kawaii Bow shine/wo shine -Kawaii Fair Special-
N E W!! ★ hair right – =DeLa*= Mesh Hair „Anya“ 
N E W!! ★ hair left – =DeLa*= Mesh Hair „Marinel“ Dipped
Outfits are a mix of my wardrobe and new stuff – just colorful and nice!! Letz have fun to find new looks with new and old stuff!!
N E W !! ♥ leggings – :FY: Foxy Leggings
N E W!! ★ nails – :FY: Kawaii Nails  -Kawaii Fair Special- / picture of the hud @ end of the post 🙂
bag – MONS / Lady Lumen Shoulder Bag -lime&purple
 boots – J’s Short Boots Laceup
N E W!! ★ shoes – !Redgrave Shoes DONNA
Thanks for reading and have fun shopping!! Hope you enjoy the funny and colorful stuff like I do!

Ein Gedanke zu “№ 448 ~Kawaii Fair ~

  1. The [Cynful] Clothing & Co. Spring Break top is one of those essential pieces that goes with everything! This is also a pre-release that is only available at The Big Boobie Show Fair – after this event both items will be available in the mainstore in a full range of colors! The [Cynful] Spring Break top is perfect for cutting loose and showing off some skin *rawr* each top at this event includes the Tango appliers perfect for the girls to come out and play!

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