№ 437 ~ Holli Boss ~

!HolliMilitarylookat the new album of David Bowie (on my knees for that man) is a song … it just fits to this cool military look from HolliPocket so well…. „Boss of me“, link on the end of the post.

Socks are just great for these styles and available in different pattern at the main store –Taxi to HolliPocket – or you buy the fatpack at marketplace –MPshop from HolliPocket, I love fatpacks cause I like to play with colors and styles. And this suit… its wearable with or without Lolas!, and sure available with different pattern and colors too! you can great mix and match and wear crazy colors or just stay military, have a look at the WCF for the *Salute me Suits* you will love them!! 😉

Hats are from SISU – visit them for all kind of military stuff – accessories all over!

Poses are Saal and/or SeveredGarden

Have fun with shopping and good music! here the promised music part – 

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