№ 434 ~ TDR and Perle ~

!PerleAlvuloskinNewToday I had a look at facebook and asked myself – why I can hit „I like“ but nobody did think about – „I don´t know“ or “ I hate“?!

So I went shopping and had a crush at *Milk*, Hucci, TDR and Perle….

Alvulo made some nice skin last round (Ramona) of the dressing room and this time again (arya) and I can´t say enought „thanks“ cause they are so nice! Visit the TDR!   Eyes are in the pack                                                                   At Perle I stoped and was happy to see this new skin they made – very cute Talisha!! A lot add-ons and freckles and layers….Visit Perle get your demo!!

I wear on the left a *milk* MyWetTee  – and on the right HolliPocket *PipetheFookDown Top and a Hucci Groupgift! Orel Chain Skirt! !Alvulotdrnew!PerleskinNew

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