№ 433 ~ Skin Fair 2013 ~

!IrenHolliFYshortsA long time till I found my way on the skin fair… XD but as I saw everything – it was like I thought it could be!!! WONDERFULLLLLLL!! And I couldn´t stop get my demos and try here and look at this!!

– besides, I wear a new Top from HolliPocket *Pipe Down* (available in different pattern – please visit the store for more, I wear (l) camo and (r) Leo) and the nice new shorts are from :FY: Gym Shorts (sure available in more colors!!), boots are Gos (l) and shoes are from Gizza (r)

What I missed this time were some nice gifts, or I just didn´t see them – cause I was running!! alexa_vendor

I wear one of the new IREN skin on the picture, she released two pretty faces, Alexa and Addison – again they come with cool addons, like mesh-hands fitting the skintone (nooo more playing with the hud!!), Nailbase (no more searching the right tone!), Tango! applier, frex, blush, different makeups on the skin……. please vistit the SkinFair2013 and get your demo at chillie and Irens point –

Chillie released her SMARTMESH™ semi-mesh avatar! Hands and head are mesh and what should I tell you? it just fits! 😉 available in different skintones and with Tango! skin appliers.  Get your demos at the SKINFAIR 2013 ^^


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