№ 423 ~ Holli Beasts ~

!HolliTattoperlelegEveryday we search for the new look the perfect one – and this time I am sure thats my new me…. And then a new skin and a new look cross my eyes and I do it again…..

ups – Holli Pocket made that awesome Tattoos with wild Lolas! appliers – Animalistic Tat-Leo Colorful and black and Zebra just fit so nice to my new ..:Perle:.. Legwarmes (with shoes or barfeet!)

I did it again – Deetalez Sandra skin made me stop and buy! awesome chances for you to mix and match your look! More stuff I never had before and so I bought it in my favorite skin tones from Deetalez again – Spring and Dark – please have a look at the demo – you will not believe how much you can change the look over the tattoo-layers…. nose, eyebrows (in funny colors too), makeup and so on!

my cool eyewear is a nice round of MM5 Rock! the Nunettes are available in crazy looks and I will show them from post to post! This is just the accessories you waited for!

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