№ 422 ~ oh my deer ~

!IRENhairGangColdshoesI dont know where to start…. so many awesome NEWS! From the Top – on my head we see the new hair from IREN! great mesh styles and yeaaaaaah you see it right! Mesh curls! real curls! Lovely as the straight styles… available in wordless colors. On my fingers we have News from ForeverYoung – Divine Nails  (change texture over hud) and from Perle – Ring Deer! (close pictures at the end). The nice Jeans is one from the great round of Jesylilos fashion stuff. And shoes…. oh yeah – my doctor of unique-ness brought out some new shoes! (Gang/Cold) have these wild stuff out now – Creature Shoes are out in different colors and you can change pattern and skin, nails over an easy hud. And now – I lost my words and went out with a huge shopping bag – see you next post!


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