№ 392 ~ Arts in Education ~

Snapshot_045I always was with art, and will always be – don’t matter what kind of art,… I prefer sure photography cause its my own little hobby – and pictures in any way! Like I found my favorite artist for pictures in SL. Cause its an CB-post I will not call out his name here. But he know I mean him! 😉

Art speaks to me and I can trust in it. The photography is in our family since my grandfather did pictures from/while 2.worldwar. That impressed me so much as a child! And then my father always ran with some kind of camera around me and he has 1000 of pictures – some are from flowers, people, party’s, just landscapes, houses – and always I had the drive to do that too and to look at all his (muuuuuuch moooore aloooot of) pictures.

It would be nice if everyone could see much in art and it would give more people something. This huge platform – SL, we have together could give us a great chance to share – but unfortunately its often around money – or worst. I try to tell my friends how wonderful it can be to just explore islands and look at these great places – some of the SL-lands are kind of art for me! Someone had hours on the land and tried to tell us something. A feeling or want to catch a moment… we should try to see that….

Snapshot_043For today – I end my post with friendly greetings and hope I could catch someones attention for art. Maybe you go out now and search for artists and buy a nice picture for your home place in RL or SL?! 😉 Snapshot_044

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