№ 369 ~ keep it secret ~

!JesyliloHollitopafter someone asked me „wow where is that from??“ and I give them LM and tell them who made what, I hear often that its so nice that I dont keep it secret. So many people in SL still dont tell others where they got stuff from and I always ask me – is there any sense behind? No its not – nothing in SL can’t be sold out and one day others will see that great work anyways! So stop hiding shops and start to share! Its good for the creators and they get more popular and can make more wonderful stuff for us!! Today I want to show you the nice skins of Jesylilo and Alvulo, and the cool Top from Holli Pocket!

First the Jesylilo skin which I love for the uniqueness!

JeSyLiLO – Lazy Sunday Skin (GoldenFishSkin) was a single yet but I stop believing we get more of that!! Hair is from Miss C. love the very light cool blond!

!HollipockettopblueJesyskinCool Details on that Holli Pocket Cozy Cute Sweater (mesh) and wearable with or without Lolas!

Next lovely skin is from Alvulo and I am thankful for these sweet faces every release! Alot of new options – the makeup tattoo layer to mix your styles, Lolas! applier just fitting perfect (minimizer for appliers is a great idea!), mesh lashes and where I can stop? Just go and get your demo !HollipinktopAAbootsAnd the Cozy Cute Sweater in another color this time with Lolas! 😉  Go and pick your color at HolliPocket!  Beautiful eyes are from poetic colors!!AlvuloskinHollipinktop



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