№ 348 ~ take your time ~

!Jesylilotrsredgravethese days are so full of stress and we have never enough time. But take your time and sit down for a while, with your favorite tea or a huge cup of coffee…. hear your music and relax. Just take your time  – read some blogs and enjoy the great new stuff we got these days….

[trs] just created the right things – Knit Tights in feel-well-colors and the comfy Sloppy Joe sweater ( I showed before with care bears!) and for an important detail (warm feeeeeeeeet) Redgrave have these awesome UGG boots in great warm colors!

The nice skin I used is *new* from JesyLilo Gulbuz (Lightskintone) and sure it has that many options as we well know from JesyLiLO… just get your demo and fall in love!

Cute hair is from Alice Project – be sure you visit her Advent calendar and get your free gift everyday!


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