№ 346 ~ Bella Belle ~

!BellaSeveredCloseWhat I like with *Severed Garden* is that they really always bring me something I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed urgent! lol Cause of the colors, cause of the funny little details, cause of the mix and the style of pattern! Thanks so much for a great winter-outfit „Belle“ is wonderful! Sweet and with that short skirt it is sexy too. Sure in SL nothing is ever sold out – BUT DONT WAIT TO LONG! 😉 you will know that you missed it – after you have it!

!BelleSeveredGardenall you see on the picture is included – hat, mouth namnam, jacket, skirt (panties under it too), socks, legband, Hug boots – its great mesh work! And it comes in so many awesome colormixes – I am sure you can find your own Belle at Severed Garden!

Wonderful details- !BellaSeveredDetails

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