№ 338 ~ Epic Perle ~

!KawaiiSeyepicperleMy tour started at [d.l.s], went over at *Epic*, got a bag at the dressing room and took my Sey Sweater lost my pants at Perle and started to take pictures of it….


Start at my head – hair is DeLa, the tongue is Perle; its stuck Panties&Tongue, super cute bag is [glow] studio My pride Bag, the sweater is from SEY Ensemble&Cut-off, skirt si Mini Skirt by MI and this awesome chucks are from *Epic* Kawaii Glitter Glam Kicks {Purple}, cool and free socks are from [d.l.s] – … end of the story – happy shopping! 😉!Kawaiiblueflowerbag

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