№ 317 – Meshugge! –


ich glaub ich werd meshugge! Das ist der nächste Schritt in die Zukunft mit Mesh in Second Life!  That’s the absolute next step into future with mesh avatars in SL! On marketplace I stopped at this creator and his awesome mesh-work! absolute full mesh avatars with hot faces! I didn’t really know that is possible right now – and I need to show the readers Realistic Female Mesh avatar # 0044 v1.2 H – lol – what a cold name for a hot chick like her! I show her different as the creator does – to show you how variable you can already play with that doll!

!Welc2Future2For me its wordless cool and I love her options – tattoos, create your own makeup, wear every hair, use mesh or sculptie shoes – it was pure fun to do this pictures. An extra is the emotion body – with open mouth, a bit like she is singing, or moaning… 😉 – but I saw her dancing and singing! If you see her pretty face and her perfect body – you ask yourself, can I change her size – bodyfat and handsize? May I use my own eyes?! yeah you can! See more meshavatars on marketplace! And be sure that’s really our WELCOME2FUTURE   Enjoy that lady:


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