№ 301 – dancing in the rain –

as we know Severed Garden…. we always get a bit more than expected! more colors – more accessories – more fun! that let me dance – even in the rain! and the cool hat from the *new* Demy outfit prevent that I am getting a hair chaos! 😉 Demy brings a lot of super sweet details – like scarf, jacket, rainboots, a paper boat (mouth) and this funny umbrella with particle rain or snow! just try it out… – its more than fun!

yeah I wear my hat! and I enjoy it! 😉 to show you Demyoutfit I used the super nice shape :Fairy Shape: from Virzeni Design its best with Redgrave skin Avie and I must say, even not as a Fairy I think its beautiful! Just visit her store and be aware of a surprise if you try even older skins!!

Awesome lashes are from MG (Maxi Gossamer) and my hair is from Dernier Cris hairsalon Milana – now have fun in the rain and lets dance!

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