№ 276 – Jahreszeiten / Spring –

uuuuuuuh… we all know the soft warm feeling of the first spring moments. Still abit shy it turns around the corner – but in the reflections of the sun we know spring is there – somewhere hidden in the green on my picture! And she is wearing the absolut fabulous new feet from Severed Garden! Love the idea behind the feet set! Four seasons – and every season has his own details! Here with spring – we have butterflies by clicking them you can change the colors!

Perfect I could find my skincolor – wonderful easy and great presets. Thanks for that nice work – inspired me so much!

Readers – shoppers – friends… just visit Severed Garden and see this new piece of Bertas work! And dont forget to look around – here I wear Eiko in green and it just fits so wonderful 😉

The skin I took to show you this is the lovley new IT GIRLS skin Chloe – demo it – you will know why I fall in love with that!

Hair is new from AliceProject and I am addicted to the awesome options they gave us with the huds!

2 Gedanken zu “№ 276 – Jahreszeiten / Spring –

  1. When I was 19 years old, my then-boyfriend and I traveled south to Florida. My father lived in Ft. Lauderdale at the time, it was spring break, and we were ready to leave the barren trees and cold, wet days of the western NC mountains behind us in our quest for sunnier settings. We grabbed beach blankets, flip-flops and our swimsuits and plopped down to soak up the rays ocean-side.

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