Maybe back in June you find
All you ever want
That’s what people say to me
On my crying days

Step into my dreaming space
Hide behind the door
Demons stole my pride when they got bored

Try to get away for good
Leaving on a train
Find that all that matters to me
Blew away with the wind

Hope I find a shady yard
Where I can stay and find my way
Sing a song in minor breaks the day

I’ve been losing my mind for so long

and Iren lost her shirt for us…. created a super cute Mesh-Shirt for us – in so many cool textures… pick your favorit at -Iren-



skin I wear with the „I love Sports“ shirt is

[Iren] -Taylor-GSP (yeaaah GrungeSoulProject!)

WasabiPills mesh hair – of course! 😉

d. Select Pants glow leggins red (d.Select is a part of Deetalez)

Balkanik! Magnetized Sneakers_Cream&Pink


and another cool version of the shirt I will show you here- love the apricot-to-white thing!!

[Iren] Loose Shirt-rose

you see over the wonderful skin from Alvulo

Julia in sunkissed…. and

WasabiPills hair – ^^

same shoes no pants!

-have fun shoping and thanks for reading-

hugs Nana

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