№ 655 ~ Holli Love ~

I am really in love with HolliPocket since I came into this shop the first time! now they are at The Boobies Show with ShreddingMe Tops and Skirts…. have a look at my love

N E W ! ! ★ skin – The Shops! (THE SKIN SHOP) Bambi

 N E W ! ! ♥ hair –. Liquence . – F3 (shaved version)

☆  collar – (Gang/Cold) Azambuja NeckCorset – BloodParty

♬ top - :FY: Sheer Tank black (w. or without Lolas)

N E W ! ! ღ  skirt – *HolliPocket* Shreddin Me Skirt @ TBS

N E W ! ! ♥ legtattoo –  –H I A T U S– TRUTH

★  shoes – !Redgrave Shoes Linda – 12colors

THANKS Jamie for letting me do that at your place… I know its private and you are such a nice guy….

see you at Jamies ;) Nana

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