№ 516 ~ enjoy your time ~

!RedgraveMM5RockSaalskinalways after bad times, there come the good times! and thats so true… so if you have a down – be sure – soon you will smile about that and laugh again! It always like that – look back and remind yourself – now enjoy your time!

N E W ! !★  skins (from left to right) – MM5Rock! Giovanni  /  {FF} Jasmine  /  SAAL Dwyn  (more details at the end)

N E W !! ♥ Tops (from l to r) - MM5Rock! SiculaMind-Tunnu Man / same for Girls  /  SiculaMind-A Megghiu Parola

N E W !! ♥ Tattoo (middle) – TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE – Long Way Home

N E W !! ♥ bracelets (left and right) – MM5 Rock!-Funny Zip Bracelets-Unisex Mesh

N E W ! ! ♬ pants (from left to right) – !Redgrave Rider Jeans black / Swaggy Saroul Arabian darkblue / !Redgrave Rider Jeans used

N E W ! !★ boots – !Redgrave Rider boots !!Now for men!!

★ poses – Sup Poses


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