№ 428 ~ Forever Young with Mick Jeggings ~

!GangColdpantsRedgrshoesFYtopNew fashion all over and I can’t stop to change clothes and create new styles….. Lets start with the tops – :FY: Slashed Sweatshirt they come in funny prints and colors!

And (Gang/Cold) made my new favorite jeans – Mick Jeggings are just what you searched for your legs…. great pattern and perfect tight ;) [sorry no inworld shop at the moment and if you have questions for any (Gang/Cold) Product please ask Noemi Azambuja] and shoes….

we have to speak about my new Redgrave shoes…. Carrie come with the nice hud and you can mix and match the parts from 12 colors – even the metal pieces and here we go

hair with cap is from *Argrace* and you can change the color of the cap over a simple hud….skin is the awesome new Sandra from Deetalez.;)

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