№ 342 ~ waiting for the night ~

!meshavawelc2future1or wait for that avatar? She is the best I ever saw with full-mesh-avatar! Welcome2Future just overworked her fully – but I need to show her cause she is so perfect…. her face is just awesome. I spoke to powerdance (designer of WELCOME2FUTURE) and we weren’t sure how to show her, blond, black, brown, red?! soft or strong?! I decided to show her in all styles, cause it was so much fun to style her and play around.


perfect soft skin and love that face – the jacket is in the pack… a lot of nice stuff to style her! I used new Redgrave UGG Boots.!Welc2futureMeshAva

or you like her strong? black hair and her sci-fi stuff from her pack with some older COCO boots! Let her fight for her our future! Look for MeshAvatar A100 in scifi costume and enjoy!!Meshava100nakedclose

enjoy her like she is…. pure soft and just so perfect! great hand and lovely body…..!Meshava100naked!Meshava100feethands

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